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Oranges and Lemons



Easter comes with happy childhood memories of finding Easter eggs hidden in tulips in the garden, winning what seemed riches then of £5 at the Point to Point and driving down to Branscombe to see my Grampa.

To celebrate my recent happy move to St Clement’s in Oxford, I decided it was time to start creating my own Easter memories.

I made St Clement’s Cake.

In fact, I made two delicious but sunken ones. One to eat at home (with help from Elsie) and one to take down in the car on the way to Grampa’s.


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Christmas in Oxford

Oxford is well known for its summer days. The lazy stretching lawnspunts quietly floating down the Cherwell and the blossoming Magnolia trees lining the college walls.

However, it is at Christmas, when air is cold, the alleyways empty and the sound of practicing choirs call out from behind stone walls, that Oxford’s magic truly comes to life.

And what better way to enjoy it, than biking to the Rickety Press, breakfast at the wonderful Oxfork or dining in the delights of the new Turl Street Kitchen.

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May Day Morning

Te Deum Patrem colimus,
Te Laudibus prosequimus,
qui corpus cibo reficis,
coelesti mentem gratia.

5 am, 1st May 2011, Oxford.

May Day in Oxford is a very special occasion, it is the chance to welcome in the spring and to start afresh. Up at 5am to wash our faces in the morning dew (for eternal beauty of course) we walked to the ‘Alternative May Day‘ hosted in Aristotle Lane in Jericho to welcome in the dawn. The pub opens at 6 am while morris dancers, a maiden on a cow and a green man surrounded by people drinking bubbly and wearing fresh picked flowers in their hats celebrate. After a bit of attempted dancing, slightly pissed, we tottered down to the Jericho cafe for much needed bacon and eggs and then off to bed.

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Oxford in Spring

Fresh spring the herald of loves mighty king,

In whose cote armour richly are displayed

All sorts of flowers the which on earth do spring

In goodly colours gloriously arrayd

Edmund Spenser


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Food Highlights 2010

Some food highlights from 2010.

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