On Tour with Chad Valley – America

This Autumn I joined Chad Valley on the last leg on his US Tour with the brilliant Active Child. From Portland to LA up to San Fransisco and back again, our bright blue Toyota Corolla sped up the Big Sur, through desert and in and out of valet parking at Paula Abdul’s.

Food in America is a convenience. Like everyone says, it’s big and mostly involves burritos. I actually had some of the worst food of my life, chile dog, corn dog, any sort of dog named goods in particular. But on the sunny side up, if you manage to find the right places, they are so good. So, in no particular order:

In and Out Burger, California
Voodoo Doughnuts, Portland Oregon
Macaroons from Little Door, LA
Seaweed Snacks, Trader Joe’s, San Fran
Thank you to all the wonderful people who had us to stay. America, I love you.


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